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How long does a repair take?

The average windscreen repair takes approximately 30 minutes and then your vehicle can be back on the road.


When can I drive my vehicle following a repair?

Immediately, as the repair is permanent and the windscreen is structurally safe. Your windscreen can even be washed straight away.


Where do the repairs take place?

We operate a mobile service and will repair your vehicles on site, at your home or place of work, on your forecourt, or in your depot at a time to suit you.


How much will it cost me to repair my fleet?

Trade Windscreen Repairs operates in a transparent and honest way with no hidden charges. Prices are agreed from the beginning so you know where you are. Free monthly fleet inspections included as part of the service for all fleet customers and no repair works are started without your personal authorisation.


Will the repair be visible?

The visibility of any completed windscreen repair is dependant on many factors. we use the latest technology and highest quality repair resins to bring you the best possible repair, but the longer a stone chip or crack is left before being repaired the more chance there is that water, dirt and debris will make its way into the damaged area. For the best possible end result the damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible.