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How it works

A windscreen repair is achieved by injecting a specially formulated liquid resin directly into the damaged area  of the screen. The resin is cured with a UV light to make a strong structural bond with the glass, it's then scraped flat to the surface of the glass and polished to restore structural Integrity and clarity to the windscreen.

The repair is performed without destroying the windscreens factory safety seal. This seal holds the windscreen securely in place during collisions and also ensures the airbag deploys properly in the event of an collision.

When repairing a windscreen you can also expect it to…

  • Restore structural integrity to damaged glass (prevents cracking out)
  • Improve clarity by 80% or more in the damaged area
  • Helps the environment as a windscreen repair extends the useful life of the glass (old windscreens are not yet recycled)
  • Save money on windscreen replacement (£200+ new windscreen V's £25+ windscreen repair)
  • Pass the MOT
  • Prevent a costly windscreen replacement that might cost you your no claims discount or increase your policy renewal
  • More windscreen repairs = Less landfill!

Windscreen repair is the preferred option for the environment as all windscreens that are removed from a vehicle are destined for the land fill as they can not yet be recycled.